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New EP “Bring Me Down” out on Sound Signature

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Alton Miller’s new EP “Bring me down” is out on Sound Signature.

This release is the perfect introduction to the future album of Alton, a deep-house stroll into soulful sonorities and groovy sounds with the smooth and beautiful voice of Maurissa Rose. Theo Parrish loved the track so much he decided to make it the first Sound Signature release of 2017 and the first release from the album.



Playing this weekend in New York

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Alton is back in New York city to play on Saturday, 22nd October, 2016.
Catch him a secret warehouse in Brooklyn this Saturday, invited by the good people of Golden Records NYC.

Event Facebook here.



Remarkably, it’s been 23 years since Motor City legend Alton Miller released his first 12″. Here, he dips into the archives of previously unreleased material to present a trio of cuts From The Vaults. He’s at his positive best on “Waiting For You”, a loose and organic sounding deep house gem smothered in slick, modern soul vocals, hazy chords and jazzy musical motifs. There’s a slightly more bumpin’ feel about the similarly soulful “Run & Hide”, which benefits greatly from chunkier beats, bolder bass, and some fabulously spacey synth solos. Best of all, though, is instrumental flipside “In The Spirit”, where dislocated vocal snippets and winding melody lines ride a dense, Afro-influenced drum track.

Alton Miller‘s last EP “The Vault” is out today on Neroli records. The Italian DJ Volcov, known for his tremendous disco sets, founded the record label in 2001. Since then, he releases plenty of beautiful soulful tracks and “From The Vaults” is no exception.


Alton Miller Interview in High Five Magazine

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“George Baker and I were actually high school buddies, we even started a fashion line somewhere around 1986. At the same time, we were starting to get into music and we were travelling alot to places like Chicago, New York, Toronto – we did the Paradise Garage, the Twilight Zone in Toronto, we did Frankie Knuckles private’ loft parties, of course Ron Hardy parties too. Then we met Chez Damier in 1986, he is from Chicago but moved to Detroit during this time and there was another guy that I really admired. He is not with us anymore and his name was Tony Hunter. We both went to the Western Michigan University together for one year and he was really, really into clubbing, he knew alot about Frankie and Ron Hardy. Tony Hunter was our key introduction as far as clubbing in Chicago along with Derrick [May]. So we just started hanging out and travelling extensively from city to city, and it just hits us, “let’s do a club!””.

Find that more about the Music Institute history and Alton Miller’s incredible history by reading the interview in free access here.

Re-introducing InnerMuse Recordings

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Inner Muse Recordings is Alton Miller’s own record label.
Created in the 00’s, followed by a pause in the production, the record label was re-introduced this year by the artist to release an important number of tracks composed or remixed by Alton.
Here’s a selection of his tracks. Visit the distribution website here.




always on mondays!!!!!!

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always on mondays!!!!!!.

always on mondays!!!!!!

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so i always seem to post on mondays and it has been a long time. i write when i have something to say.yep that’s it. in order to bring myself and you up to date i have to go back to dec. 2011. SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!! spent 6 months there touring ,loving’,dancing drinking,meeting,laying,chilin’,singing,creating,evolving and just being. it was absolutely incredible.what a strong and vibrant music scene. i got a chance to meet and work with some very talented and beautiful djs,musicians and producers. i miss the brai, the sun , the landscape, the gigs and my friends!!!! cant wait to get back but i have to finish this album and i got to take care of my shortys!!!!! had a grate time a month ago in japan ,china and australia. very hard on the body but the vibes were nothing short of brilliant!!!! 2 weeks, 3 can be done.the year is coming to a close fast and hopefully i have harnessed enough creative energy to say what i need to say musically.keep it movin everybody and see ya in the new year!Image