Alton Miller is a Detroit based Producer & DJ.

Detroit-based producer, singer, and percussionist Alton Miller has been playing a fundamental role in defining Detroit House Music for over two decades.

Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit on Stevie Wonder, Santana, Parliament Funkadelic and the Philly Sound, Alton’s early roots in soul music led to an affinity for clubbing and the perfect storm of music, dance, and skill that is required to create it. Alton began developing his deejaying skills under the electrifying energy of House Music founding fathers like Larry Levan and Timmy Regisford, whereas he was oftenly going to Ron Hardy’s Music Box and Frankie Knuckles’s private loft partie in Chicago with some of his Detroit friends including a certain Derrick May.

A few years after, Alton along with his like-minded friends Chez Damier and George Baker, opened the legendary dance club, The Music Institute in Detroit in 1988. Since then, Alton has lived in Paris and South Africa, where he pursued his musical creativity process while representing the Detroit vibe. His travels allowed him to discover other cultures and to make a name for itself all around the globe. He toured in a lot of countries including Japan, Australia, South Africa, Europe and New Zealand. He has also had the pleasure of recording with some of the best independent labels in the industry, including Defected, Planet E, King Street, Nitegrooves, Trackmode Records, Seasons and Octave Lab.

2015 saw Miller re-introduce his label InnerMuse Recordings with his own signature sound on Whereabouts Known. During Movement 2016 in Detroit, Alton Miller played with Chez Damier for the first time since the Music Institute closed in 1989, during a party organized by fellow DJ Kai Alce. 2017 was a prolific year as Alton Miller released many EPs, including the first single release ‘Bring Me Down’ of his upcoming album which will be released on Sound Signature. In addition to his regular gigs in Western European countries, Alton Miller toured Asia with gigs in China and Japan in June 2017, then South Africa. The artist took part to the compilation Funkadelic reworked by Detroiters, which was released at the end of the year on Westbound Records. 2018 started home in Detroit, which allow Miller to tour the Eastern USA, including Washington and New York. Among others, the artist released two acclaimed EPs, ‘All Things Good’ on Waella’s Choice Records, and ‘All the Little Things’ on his friend Patrice Scott’ record label Sistrum Recordings. Miller toured Europe in Spring and came to Paris to talk about his musical career at the Maison de l’Architecture, before going back to South Africa for a Winter tour. Alton Miller will be back in South Africa for a Spring tour in December 2018.

The next album of Alton Miller will be released in 2019 on Sound Signature.


Alton Miller is a prolific music producer who released more than fourty EPs on several of the best independant record labels in the world, such as Defected, Planet E, King Street, Nitegrooves, Trackmode Records, Seasons and Octave Lab. 2015 saw him re-introduce his label InnerMuse Recordings with his own signature sound on Whereabouts Known. He then completed remixes for South African and international artists such as Ree and Monique Bingham of DJ Christos’s Katsaitis music group and worked on remixes for the U.K. soul singer Omar whose is featured on the tune Benefit from the Boddhi Satva album Transition. Alton is also working on a new remix for his number one Traxsource release from 2010 When The Morning Comes with world renowned artist and Parliament/Funkadelic keyboardist extraordinary Amp Fiddler.

Since then, Alton Miller produced many tracks on several EPs, including Bring me Down EP, released in 2017 on Sound Signature where he teamed up with Detroit’s own R&B singer Maurissa Rose for a very soulful gem but also All Things Good EP and All the Little Things EP, both released in 2018. The artist also took part in the famous compilation Funkadelic reworked by Detroiters late 2017.

Among his numerous productions, you can find timeless tracks such as It’s Gonna Be Alright featuring Scott Grooves and released in 1994 on KMS Records, Extrasoul released in 1998 on Carl Craig’s Planet E record label or Choose To Believe released on the famous Mahogani Records in 2003.

All Things Good EP, Waellas Choice Records:
All the Little Things EP, Sistrum Recordings:
Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters, Westbound Records:
Bring Me Down EP, Sound Signature:

Old school jams:
It’s Gonna Be Alright, 1994:
Africa 99′, 1999:
Choose To Believe, 2004:
Exstasoul, 2016:


Alton Miller

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