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‘Nightclubbing – The Music Institute’ on Red Bull Radio

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“The downtown Detroit afterhours club is a huge part of the city’s musical legacy and a key moment in techno history – it’s to the Motor City what the Paradise Garage was to New York and the Music Box to Chicago. A thoroughly DIY affair, the Music Institute was famously rough around the edges.”

Check out the show here:


New Interview for InsomniaFM

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“I have been surrounded by music all my life. When I was really young I had a choral class for voice. I played cornet in 4th grade. In Detroit there are many great musicians and vocalists and I have been able to work with some of the best. I listen to all kinds of music and that’s been my biggest education.”

Read the interview here:

New Interview for Ibiza-Voice magazine

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New Interview of Alton Miller is out on Ibiza-Voice magazine. 
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“First you have to understand that house music is many things to many people. The DJs that are getting rich don’t play soulful house, Afro, broken beat or anything close to the original essence of house music. I think a lot of the originators made a decision to either push forward or change careers. Once a style of music is accepted by the masses, that usually means that the sound has changed and become more commercial. Some artists changed their sound to adapt. Some of us stayed true. I found my audience and they found me. It’s a beautiful thing.”

New Review for ‘All Things Good’ EP

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All Things Good EP was released in June 2018 on Waellas Choice Records.

Read the review from the British magazine Inspired Sound below:

You can still get the EP here:

Artwork by Krigga