Alton Miller Interview in High Five Magazine

Posted: October 20, 2016 by altonmillermusic in Uncategorized


“George Baker and I were actually high school buddies, we even started a fashion line somewhere around 1986. At the same time, we were starting to get into music and we were travelling alot to places like Chicago, New York, Toronto – we did the Paradise Garage, the Twilight Zone in Toronto, we did Frankie Knuckles private’ loft parties, of course Ron Hardy parties too. Then we met Chez Damier in 1986, he is from Chicago but moved to Detroit during this time and there was another guy that I really admired. He is not with us anymore and his name was Tony Hunter. We both went to the Western Michigan University together for one year and he was really, really into clubbing, he knew alot about Frankie and Ron Hardy. Tony Hunter was our key introduction as far as clubbing in Chicago along with Derrick [May]. So we just started hanging out and travelling extensively from city to city, and it just hits us, “let’s do a club!””.

Find that more about the Music Institute history and Alton Miller’s incredible history by reading the interview in free access here.

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