always on mondays!!!!!!

Posted: December 3, 2012 by altonmillermusic in Uncategorized

so i always seem to post on mondays and it has been a long time. i write when i have something to say.yep that’s it. in order to bring myself and you up to date i have to go back to dec. 2011. SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!! spent 6 months there touring ,loving’,dancing drinking,meeting,laying,chilin’,singing,creating,evolving and just being. it was absolutely incredible.what a strong and vibrant music scene. i got a chance to meet and work with some very talented and beautiful djs,musicians and producers. i miss the brai, the sun , the landscape, the gigs and my friends!!!! cant wait to get back but i have to finish this album and i got to take care of my shortys!!!!! had a grate time a month ago in japan ,china and australia. very hard on the body but the vibes were nothing short of brilliant!!!! 2 weeks, 3 can be done.the year is coming to a close fast and hopefully i have harnessed enough creative energy to say what i need to say musically.keep it movin everybody and see ya in the new year!Image

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