always on mondays!!!!!!

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always on mondays!!!!!!.

always on mondays!!!!!!

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so i always seem to post on mondays and it has been a long time. i write when i have something to say.yep that’s it. in order to bring myself and you up to date i have to go back to dec. 2011. SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!! spent 6 months there touring ,loving’,dancing drinking,meeting,laying,chilin’,singing,creating,evolving and just being. it was absolutely incredible.what a strong and vibrant music scene. i got a chance to meet and work with some very talented and beautiful djs,musicians and producers. i miss the brai, the sun , the landscape, the gigs and my friends!!!! cant wait to get back but i have to finish this album and i got to take care of my shortys!!!!! had a grate time a month ago in japan ,china and australia. very hard on the body but the vibes were nothing short of brilliant!!!! 2 weeks, 3 can be done.the year is coming to a close fast and hopefully i have harnessed enough creative energy to say what i need to say musically.keep it movin everybody and see ya in the new year!Image

Monday Madness

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Hello to all around the world.It’s Monday. Don’t you just love Monday’s.Had great time in Marseille thanks to Mike, Edouard, Le Crocette, Passe Temp. Spent Saturday night in La Vague with Bool,Alex and Sonia.Time to get down to buisness.Amsterdam, Paris, South Africa here i come. Get ready.Time to make some music as well.Feelin the itch.Time to turn on the machines!!!!!!!

I like the fact that i can still get on the horn and get a small gig here and there when i am in city just hanging out or taking care of some business. This last minute get down last thursday night in Amsterdam for example is just what i am talking about.Small but hot. Thanks to Myra ,Tim, clara,Sugar Factory and the rest of the Helix crew and last but not least at all my manager Nina for pulling tricks out of their hats. In the South of France and its been raing since i arrived and its cold.But the work must go on. No sleep for the wicked and the beat dont stop. Got to keep it movin.

03 November. Thursday


Rob Manga & Rancido, Kattekwaad, Real House Music!

00:00 – 04:00      Entry: €6

Radio Interview Brussel

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Alton will play on “Our Party” coming Saturday 29-10-2011 at Belle-Vue oganised by the Onda Sonora soundsystem crew.

That’s why they invited him tuesday 25-10-2011 to do a radio interview on FM Brussels.

They say it was lots of fun: Click here to listen to the interview & enjoy!

And of course the link to the website of our friends Onda Sonora..

Check it out.. Alton Miller at Our Party Saturday 29-10-2011Belle Vue Brussels

always cool to be in amsterdam for ade.great partys and a chance to catch up with peeps in the industry.ended the week in brescia at disco volante and we got down.did i say that italian food is one of my top favorites along with japanese.oh man, great food in brescia and thanks to all of the disco volante crew which is very big by the way. it did not stop there. caught up with some friends here in brussels for some more italian food at gusto’s. wow. bein bien bien!!!! check for the fm brussels going down tonight with your’s , love, light and keep it movin’

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